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Commonwealth Specialty Packaging, LLC

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David D. Green, Partner
  David has 22 years experience in the graphics arts, advertising and marketing specialties. He knows and understands what your clients want from their agency and how fast they need it. Beginning with a rough drawing or verbal description of your idea, he can price and concept your box within 24 hours. David can even build the prototype once he has the product you want to present.
Responding to clients needs, David started Commonwealth Design which engineers packaging for other manufacturers around the world. Using state of the art CAD/CAM systems, we can generate designs and prototypes usually within 2 days.

Richmond, Virginia
Phone (804) 271-0157
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E-mail CSPINC1@aol.com
Steve A. Casso, Partner  
Steve Casso started working at Commonwealth Specialty Packaging in 1989 and loved it so much he bought it in 1996 with his other partner, David. Working in the customer service capacity for some 10 years now, he knows what the customer wants. Just give him a call or send a fax of a sketch, and he can get you pricing quickly. Better yet, e-mail your ideas. With a degree in accounting, Steve knows how to work within budget constraints. He understands that money is an issue for your project and he will always provide you with options to meet any constraints you may have. Steve's a problem solver and loves to create solutions for his customers.

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