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What's behind the box.
We made our first box in 1971 and we think we remember every one along the way.

Located in Ashland, Virginia, we got our start by designing, manufacturing and fulfilling pharmaceutical packaging with such giants as AH Robins, Ciba Geigy, and Berhinger Pharmaceuticals. As the laws changed restricting the mailing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, so did the business. But it wasn't WHAT we were packaging that got us fired up, it was inventing the packages themselves. So we began exploring other markets. Pretty quickly, we realized there weren't any high-end box companies serving ad agencies, design studios, and the like. We went for it and haven't looked back. After all, it's meant working with incredibly ceative people. That's fun. What's more, agencies usually work on tight deadlines and they care deeply about quality. Today we pride ourselves on delivering great packages on time and in budget.

From the start, we've invested in the machinery and equipment it takes to transform your ideas into reality. We've invested in research that's turned into new innovations that have helped us to make boxes faster and better. And, we've invested in training. Our people are certified in Total Quality Management systems.


Most recently, we've added a new paper laminator that will glue laminate paper sheets to board at a whopping size of 45" x 68". This will increase our ability to produce larger displays as well as counter cards more economically. We're also adding a Sakurai Maestro Screen printing press that will print multi colors with extremely precise registration and has a UV Clear coating capability that will produce unmatched smoothness.

We look forward to continuing to help you push the envelope by designing unique packages that solve marketing challenges.

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