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SIG Combibloc

What we had to do.
The Stern Agency, an advertising agency in Columbia, Maryland, was given the job of getting people to attend a Combibloc Hospitality Event at the World Wide Food Expo. This is the industry's most important trade event of the year and Combibloc was targeting the most sought after people– high-level management in the beverage manufacturing business. Everyone at the show wanted these VIPs at their event.

The agency knew they need something with impact to break through the kind of clutter that always exists at these kinds of trade shows. Stern teamed up with us.

The idea.
A three part mailing. Teaser, invitation, thank you. All produced through Commonwealth. The concepts were based on the fact that the show was held at the planetarium in Chicago. Very cool venue. The teaser was a rigid box mailer. The outside was a varnished black with white type. Open the box and inside was a star held in by a glue dot. The whole piece was compact and clean. Next came the invitation. Again black varnished outside with white type. This time we attached a small piece of ribbon so the invitation opened like a game board. Open it and you're blown away by an amazing four color photo of an exploding star taken from the Hubble Telescope. Finally, to thank all those who attended, Combibloc sent out space pens. We produced the rigid box and did the assembly.

In the end.
Over all, 500 pieces were mailed and 250 people attended – nearly a 50% response rate.


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